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Do not masturbate before the relationship It is true that in the “second round” it lasts a little more, but many unpleasant surprises can happen the second lap may never come if you have a longer refractory period or if you are so tired that you do not have the strength for the next round.

He introduces himself to the already tired and lazy partner and this does not help the relationship.

How would you explain to the partner “darling now I go 5 minutes to masturbate so then we can do it”?

Do not use anesthetic gel or creams. Some boys with problems of premature ejaculation have the glans (the tip of the penis) very sensitive, so they believe they can control using products that “anesthetize” the tip of the penis to reduce its sensitivity. This is a false belief created by the cosmetic companies that sell those products.

  • They do not tell you that by removing sensitivity to the penis you risk not having an erection because you “feel” too little: certainly it would not be a good figure. Also by introducing the penis inside her, apply the gel or cream in her vagina and then she will also become less sensitive, so little sensitive that it will be almost impossible to reach orgasm.
  • But it gets worse: these products are a momentary aid: they do not teach you to last longer and eliminate the cause of the problem. You have to use them every time but over time the body gets used to it and they lose their effectiveness: after 4-5 times only the side effects remain and all the benefits are lost. 5- You do not have to prove anything to anyone! Some guys, especially at the first dates, feel under examination because they believe they can make a good impression by showing that they are good in bed. For the free porn gamesĀ this is a very important deal now.

Too bad, however, that in doing so they feel under test, they get agitated and that performance anxiety makes them last very little. The point is this: when you go to bed with a girl you do not have to prove anything: it’s just a moment of fun and you do it to feel good and give and receive feelings of pleasure. If you have to have a relationship just to demonstrate (or prove to yourself) something, then it is better to avoid that relationship altogether, because it will not be fun! Ok, now that you know what not to do, how can you train your ability to control yourself and last longer? There are three fundamental principles that, once known and put into practice, allow you to control ejaculation at your pleasure. Since they require some explanations, we’ve created some free guides that you can download from here, where you can learn them.