More Than Just Strippers: Here’s What You Can Expect At A Strip Bar!

If you have never been to a strip bar or gentlemen’s club, the whole experience can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming at the same time. Scantily-dressed, or often fully nude strippers, moving around, flowing alcohol and great food – that’s the usual mix at a strip bar, but there’s more too! In this post, we are discussing what you can expect at these places.

Get your own table or VIP private room

Though not all, but many strip bars have private rooms and special tables that can be booked at an additional price. You can even choose to select entertainers and strippers, who will entertain you and your guests exclusively. You can also choose to opt for VIP bottle service near the Bay Area, where waiters will ensure that your table is served as requested. Many strip clubs have special rooms, where other guests cannot enter, but usually, the norms with the strippers remain the same, and yes, you may have to pay more for lap dances.

Plan your bachelor’s party

If you want to throw an event for your men gang, strip bars are a good alternative to regular clubs. Just make sure that you select a place worth the money and time. It is always a good idea to visit the strip club in advance and discuss your requirements in person. For example, you may want to order food and drinks as per the number of guests. Some strip bars do have buffets, others don’t – so check for everything.

Enjoy special events and weekdays

A lot of people don’t like to head to strip bars on weekends, simply because of the rush. Since such places have their own websites, we recommend that you check for special events and weekdays. You can get free entry, lap dances, and even food and wine at a discounted rate. Some clubs have happy hours early in the evening, where you can get free booze for every order.

On the last note

Strippers are fun and they love to hang around with men, as long as they are getting tipped. Before you head to a strip bar, make sure that you have enough cash to spare and don’t forget to tip the best girls. Order food time and again along with booze, especially if you want to hold the table for long. For the next party, head to a place where all the pretty ladies are waiting!