Girth vs. Length: What Matters More?

Contrary to popular belief, women are not obsessed with large penises. Instead, it’s more about what you can do in the bedroom.

There are pros and cons to every penis size and shape yet girth is often said to be better than length, which is why this type of penis enhancement has become more popular amongst men.

Cons of a long penis

Yes, a longer penis does mean deeper penetration but it does also come with its own cons. These are some of the reasons why a longer penis isn’t always ideal.

– Some women find that a longer penis makes sex more painful because it feels as if the cervix is being repeatedly jabbed

– Women find doggy style less enjoyable because a longer penis makes it more intense

– Many men with a long penis tend to put in less effort with foreplay because they believe that their penis is all that a woman needs

– Blow jobs become more difficult with a longer penis

Pros of a smaller penis

A man who has a moderate-sized penis but knows how to use it by focusing on technique and angle is often preferred to someone with an overly long penis. These are some of the reasons why a smaller penis is preferred:

  • Since the vagina is more sensitive near the opening, a shorter, thicker penis is able to provide a woman with greater pleasure
  • Women are often more willing to engage in anal sex when a man has a moderate-sized penis
  • Since sex is more comfortable, women tend to have more stamina when their partner has a smaller penis

Yes, there are certainly cons to having a smaller penis such as being able to achieve a good rhythm while still staying inside the vagina but overall, girth counts a lot more in the bedroom than length.

Do women prefer girth to length?

Academy Laser Clinics in Sydney are experts for penis enlargement injections and have found that the majority of women prefer a thicker penis instead of a longer one.

Again, this is because there are more nerves around the entrance of the vagina. Another factor is that most vaginas are less deep than a penis is long, which means that most men are, in fact, long enough for their partner.

These findings speak to why girth enhancement procedures have become such a popular choice amongst men.

Non-surgical penis enhancement options

Advances in male enhancement procedures have made it safer and easier than ever before to increase the girth of your penis.

Fillers that contain hyaluronic acid are injected underneath the skin of the penis in order to increase the girth. Results are instantaneous and can be enjoyed for up to 24 months. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, patients will experience very little discomfort and will be able to return to work directly after their procedure.

If you are considering dermal fillers to enhance the girth of your penis, be sure to consult with a board-certified doctor who has experience with this specific type of procedure.